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Howard Stirk Holdings is a national broadcasting company that is owned and operated by veteran journalist, entrepreneur and television producer Armstrong Williams. We at HSH, believe that our programming should be groundbreaking, authentic, and enriching. Our  goal is to broadcast content that is in line with truth and family values.

We stay true to that core by honoring our namesake and origin.  The name “Howard Stirk” is taken from Williams’ mother’s maiden name, Howard, and his father’s middle name, Stirk. The name acts as a beacon, ever present to remind us of the humble, hardscrabble beginnings of the Williams family in rural South Carolina.

The broadcast television industry contains less the 2% minority ownership. As such, we are committed to diversity and not just in the traditional sense. The stories we tell are true to the hallmarks of journalism: talking about the facts, shining light on topics that are neglected, and enriching the minds of our viewers.

We appreciate your support as we write television history. Join us as we share meaningful stories from Main street to Wall street as they're told by citizens around the world.